{Can You Say YUM?} Gourmet RockStars

So we've got amazing small bites, dessert samples and wine tasting for your enjoyment at The Lab. But the team got to thinking that since the event this Saturday is happening during dinner hours, it might be great to offer up a way to get something a bit more substantial to eat. Wouldn't it be great if we could get a hip food truck to delight us after we've worked up an appetite? Enter Gourmet RockStars. The owner, Mo, and his team take pride in the fact they grind their own meats, bake their own breads, and pick their own veggies from local farms, all in an effort to provide a chic and mouth-watering global cuisine experience. Gourmet Burgers + Grilled Cheese + Pomme Frites...I say yes, please! Get your taste buds ready...and don't forget to bring some cash...Mo and his team will be there ready to serve up some of their goodness to all!

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